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16 Paris Airbnb Listings with a View of the Eiffel Tower

Finding the perfect room with the perfect view, especially in Paris, can prove to be quite a challenge. There are lots of lists, and even more listings, but no way of comparing apples to apples. (Or, in this instance, des pommes et pommes.) Even if you find particular listings that pique your interest, you may have to scroll and click till your fingers bleed in order to get a good look at the actual view.

To save you from this demise, Travel Tilt has found and vetted 16 Airbnb listings in Paris with wow-worthy views of the Eiffel Tower – all of which offer full access to the entire home and most of which are around the $150 per night mark or under. For additional context, our resident designer developed a highly-scientific and air-tight baguette ranking system to provide the clearest picture of the value visitors will get for their money. It’s the American way.

To book or view more details about each listing, take a look at the full wish list on Airbnb here. Happy hunting!

This is a cozy, modern one-bedroom with an incredible view. Updated appliances and furnishings, minimal fees, and no charge for additional guests make it worth the price – which is great because it could easily accommodate a third wheel. (And we all know one who could use a trip, guys.) There’s no standing shower, but the bathroom seems pretty spacious and private and there’s a view of the tower from every window. Where do you sign, right? We dub this listing a 4/5 Baguette rating.

This studio is cozy to put it mildly, but seems well-kept and clean. There’s not a lot that jumps out here, other than the fact that this listing has nearly 1,300 reviews – if you’re into reliability, this might be your thing. The weekly and monthly fees – $721 and $2519 respectively seem quite high for such a small space that doesn’t even have an actual bed. 2/5 Baguettes for you, mon ami. At least you know this place exists.

If you’re a fan of scenic views, and if you’re reading this we’re guessing you probably are, this place has a doozy – a view so unique it’s actually what makes it worth mentioning. On one side we have the tower. #flawless But on the other there’s a really interesting (and green view) of the rest of Paris. Other than that it’s clean, though unremarkable, and can be rented by the week for just shy of $700. There are better deals out there, but that view doe. 3/5 Baguettes.

We hate to start with a digression, but it’s not clear why this host won’t allow guests to use the washing machine if there’s a 6-night stay requirement. Other than that, we’re really happy with this listing – wood floors, standing shower, and a quiet neighborhood. This true one-bedroom with a killer view for a killer price earns 4/5 Baguettes from us.

This apartment feels lived in and by lived in we mean there’s a room specifically for a baby. If you’re an owner/operator of said baby – this might be the perfect place for you. You’ll also probably win Mother of The Year for taking said baby to stay in Paris. Good for you. The fact that bringing a few friends (or additional babies) can put this place in the $30-$40 per night range make it worthy of 3.5 Baguettes. Because sometimes that half baguette can make all the difference.

This apartment has a distinct homey feel right down to the mish mash of furniture and pull-out sofa you may be sleeping on. Though it can accommodate up to 4 people, it seems a big pricey for the lack of ambiance and the weekly and monthly rates follow that same trend – $1145 and $3664 respectively. While it likely comes fully-equipped with all the comforts of home, you didn’t come to Paris because home was great. You came to Paris because it’s Paris and it’s way better than being at home. We’ve seen better spaces and better views. 2.5 Baguettes.

If you can swing the security deposit, you can’t get a much more unobstructed view than this. Here’s what you should do: book this place in the summertime and cook lots of fresh delicious meals which you can then enjoy around the dinner table with friends or out on your large private balcony. We’re just full of great ideas. This apartment is spacious with lots of light and lots of possibility. It shall be awarded 3.5/5 Baguettes and left to you to make fun things happen here.

This cute but cramped studio has “business travel” written all over it. It appears to come fully-equipped everything you get at the Holiday Inn Express including a couch for when your coworker gets trashed and can’t remember which Rue is which. The great view earns it an additional baguette that it wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

This is truly the college dorm you wish you had – and in the city you wish it’d been in. The selling point? There’s a writing desk that overlooks a large open window and view of the tower. Neglect whatever essay you have to write, pour yourself a glass (or 12) of Bourdeux and get to writing the next American (or Parisian novel.) The lofted bed, kitchenette, eclectic décor, and reasonable nightly rate earn this listing 4/5 Baguettes.

This apartment – and surrounding neighborhood – is really, fantastically adorable. A true one bedroom, it appears extremely spacious and clean with updated appliances and a large kitchen with bar. There’s no standing shower but lots of living space. 3.5/5 Baguettes for making us wish we had this situation to come home to everyday.

Ah, Parisian dreams. We’re pretty sure Amelie lived here once or something. This host definitely has a unique style and the stocked kitchen looks like it was made for a little vin et fromage action. The décor in this place is cute, cute, cute and – if you’re traveling with your lover (and we hope you are) – you’ll pay a bit for the ambiance. It’s cool with us if it’s cool with you. 4/5 Baguettes for the modern amenities and dreamy rooftop view.

What is it about exposed wood that makes us go all gooey inside? Doesn’t matter because this place is ultra-chic, despite the lofted bed, which, more often than not, just doesn’t work for us. On the pricier end for a single (or even a couple) the view here includes dozens of Parisian chimneys dotting the rooftops. Honestly, it’s the cutest little gem if you can afford the price tag. With a rating of 3/5 Baguettes, we’ll leave it up to you to decide whether or not it’s worth taking another look at your budget.

This apartment beats the hell out of staying in any hostel and is likely cheaper. There’s a 7 night minimum stay (but it’s Paris so okay, we’re in) and it looks like the weekly rate is $458 or $1717 for the month – this is so doable. Modern décor and super cute window peep show of the tower earn this listing a carbo-loaded 4/5 Baguettes.

We know, we know, the price. And it’s only for 2 people. But the view and proximity is unbeatable. Can’t you imagine looking out this window and watching the snow fall? It’s unclear if this is truly the entire apartment as the description lists it as a “private suite” – and there doesn’t appear to be any kitchen facilities. No additional fees and potential daily breakfast makes this a steal and a gorgeous one at that. This place is STUNNING and worthy of 5/5 Baguettes.

If your budget is a bit flexible over the $150/night mark (and for the right incentives why wouldn’t it be) or if you’re traveling with a small group – this is a drop-dead gorgeous apartment that can easily accommodate 4-6 people. And with that many travel buddies, this place is so affordable it’s the Parisian version of highway robbery. 5/5 Baguettes in honor of the host who gets to live out this fantasy.

Maybe you just got a big bonus at work. Maybe you just won the lottery. Maybe you’re dating a sugar daddy – we don’t know your life. But we have found you the holy grail. The interior of this apartment is a little odd – colored panes of glass section off a strange open-floor plan. But then you stumble across the hot tub that looks out onto the private terrace and you have to think – how much time will you actually be spending inside anyway? It gets 4.5/5 baguettes because it only accommodates 2 visitors but the House Rules literally state – “be happy.” In this place, it’s impossible not to be.

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