I never know quite what to write about in a personal blog post. I find that I’m much better suited for instructional articles infused with personal anecdotes and stock photography.

I bet you can't
This is somehow meant to define all of freelancing. Idk, you pick a better one!

I can’t wait to teach you how to travel

I will openly admit that I’m genuinely excited about writing for this site. Travel is something I’m truly passionate about and being able to share my experience and teach others how to accomplish their travel dreams is something that just makes me so happy. I love to teach people how to do things, I really do.

So, combining teaching and travel was only inevitable. I’m an experienced web developer who managed to backpack Europe for a few months by landing clients while on the road – why not teach you how to do the same? I’m honestly thrilled to start creating content around this mission.

Read up on travelancing – I like to think it’s pretty good stuff.

Read about travelancing right now

I’m PUMPED to work with Michelle

Michelle has been so great. Not only is she an amazingly talented writer and designer (c’mon, who else could make a listicle as clever as this), but she’s just as passionate about travel as I am. I’m super lucky to have found such a great partner to build this site and to travel with.

Speaking of travel..

We’re about to visit 8 European countries over 2 months

Oh man I simply cannot wait. Less than one month from now we will be flying off to Paris to go on our first real trip together.

France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, England, Scotland, and Ireland at least. Whew. Even thinking about it makes me so happy.

No more office. No more 9-9 hours. No more commute and no more damn TPS reports!


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