Let’s face it – you’re weird. You have weird pet names for people, share weird inside jokes, and, most odd, have a tendency to embrace weirdness in others.

The fact that you love to travel is probably the least weird thing about you. If you’re looking for a travel destination that’s just as Zooey Deschanel-esque as you are, look no further than Belgium – home to some of the world’s quirkiest museums. In between guzzling pints and gobbling waffles, spend some time in these weird spots:

Brussels – The Best Museum City for Collectors (of Embarrassing Hobbies)

Pro Tip: Brussels is a major trader of beer, waffles, and chocolate. Consume all three and hire someone to roll you about town.

  • Musical Instrument Museum, 6€ – 8€ / This museum is widely known for it’s collection of over 8,000 instruments and is part of the Royal Museums for Art and History. If that’s not enough of a reason to check it out, just remember that one time…. at band camp.
  • Belgian Comic Strip Center, 10€ / More than 700 comic strip authors are on display here, and much of their work has been enlarged to fill up an entire wall space. No information was provided on whether or not you could partake wearing in footed pajamas over a bowl of Cheerios.
  • Clockarium, 6€ / Have a wonderful “time” coming up with a thousand other time-related puns at this museum of art deco and ceramic clocks from across Europe. Feeling ambitious? See if you qualify to participate in the Rent-A-Clock program.
  • Museum Of Original Figurines, 10€ | Locally referred to as The MOOF (not kidding), this museum houses toy-sized plastic figurines from your favorite childhood cartoons – from the timeless to the obscure. Invite your nerd boyfriend to revive his high school anime obsession at the manga exhibit.

Bruges: The Best Museum City to Visit When You Have PMS (Truth.)

Pro Tip: First thing’s first, immediately stop to reenact and Instagram a few key scenes from In Bruges. Obviously.

  • Frietmuseum, 7€ / If there’s anything that deserves a museum, it’s probably the French Fry. (#FriesBeforeGuys) You’ll uncover the riveting history of the potato, how the finger food was invented, and get access to some of the best french fry recipes. If you work up an appetite, go outside, walk into any restaurant, and order up a greasy sleeve of deliciousness.
  • Choco-Story, 7€ / After dinner must come dessert and – thank GAWD – it’s right next door to all those french fries. Learn about the process for cultivating cocoa, Belgian chocolate-making, and appreciating the sweet, gooey goodness for what it is.
  • Lumina Domestica, 7€ / See the light at Brugge’s lamp and lighting fixture museum — hooray! The small jaunt to light-producing creatures (e.g. the glow worm) keeps this stop a playful one.
  • Kancentrum, 5.20€ / What could be weirder than a museum dedicated to history and practice of lace-making? The hands-on techniques training and workshops are likely designed to keep patrons awake.

Congratulations on your trip to Belgium, you quirky bird — I know you’re already requesting vacation days. Looking for ways to extend your travel? Ever heard of travelancing?

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