If there’s any universal truth, it’s that planning is often just as much fun as doing. And when it comes to planning, there’s nothing that catapults us down the rabbit hole quite like Airbnb. If you’ve never built an Airbnb wishlist, chances are you’re still a productive member of society. Good for you. If you’re reading this post, prepare to have that productivity come to an abrupt end.

Airbnb has a simple, widely-embraced wish list feature, allowing users to group their favorite listings by destination, listing type, nightly rate, etc. Building an Airbnb wishlist seems like a self-explanatory and, let’s be honest, delightful activity. Create a list of castles available for rent (charming), or your favorite apartments in Berlin (superb). But what’s the use of making a wishlist that’ll never come true? Here’s how you can build the perfect Airbnb wishlist – one that’s actually doable.

1. Determine your vacation style.

This is specific to each individual traveler though, over time, a definite travel pattern is formed. Somehow you find yourself on a lot of beaches, or always flying back to Paris. There’s a method to your travel madness and it’s completely unique to you. Start by thinking through how you want to feel during your travel experience. What’s important to you when you take time off? Do you prefer action-packed days with early alarms or sleeping in and casually soaking in experiences? If you’re just using an Airbnb just to catch the z’s necessary to get up and go, it might not be worth investing in. But if you’re thinking there’s any chance you’ll want to hang out with coffee and your Facebook feed, making sure you’re in comfortable surroundings is key.

**Pre-Wishlist List: Write down 3 recurring themes from previous travel experiences.
(Examples: Lazy afternoons getting lost in a new neighborhood, hosting friends and family, etc.)

2. Know how your daily activity impacts your accommodations.

Think about how you’ll spend time in or around your Airbnb on any given day during your vacation. If you’ll need to dial into a few conference calls while you’re away and plan on using fresh ingredients from nearby outdoor markets to cook dinner at home, you’ll need an Airbnb listing that can accommodate those habits. If you want to continue training for a 10K during your vacation, you might need a listing that’s close to a park with a running trail or adjacent to a local gym.

**Pre-Wishlist List: List 3 things you’ll use your Airbnb for – other than sleep.
(Examples: Morning yoga, remote work space, etc.)

3. Compare value, not costs.

When it comes to building a fantastic (and realistic) Airbnb wishlist, knowing what you value most in your travel accommodations can help you narrow down the results. When it comes to cost, always filter listings by 15% lower than what you actually want to pay – you might be pleasantly surprised. With that being said, using price as the main indicator of value can prove disappointing. For example, a shared room in a hostel may be the cheapest option, but not having to smell strangers while you sleep might be worth the cost of upgrading to a private room.

**Pre-Wishlist List: List 3 must-haves for your next Airbnb.
(Examples: washer/dryer, close to public transit, etc.)

4. Have a Loose Itinerary

This one generally bums out a lot of the spontaneous traveling crowd looking to discover foreign lands organically day by day. But if you’re traveling on any kind of budget, a loose plan for sightseeing, touristing, or just generally hanging out is necessary. In the scope of creating a useful Airbnb wishlist, doing a little research about what your options are and whether or not you’ll want to stay close to certain points of interest just makes sense. Whether your priorities are cafes or castles, knowing where you’ll likely spend most of your waking hours makes it easier to understand where you should get your beauty sleep.

**Pre-Wishlist List: Pick and price out the 3 things you absolutely have to do while you’re on vacation.
(Example: boozy brunch, museum-hopping, etc.)

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