I’m just going to level with you about a few things. First of all, I didn’t forget to pack anything. (Come on, guys, this is me.) But there have been a distinct list of items that have proven especially useful that I feel like others may forget to pack or think they don’t need. (That list is below.)

Secondly, and most importantly…

Paris is cold and beautiful.

Even in our much tinier-than-pictured Airbnb (where I’m now writing this) we get this gorgeous view, dotted with Parisian chimneys:

Pars: A Room with a View | Travel Tilt

James and I don’t mind the cramped space. When you spend so much time learning about the history of Paris and the suffering of it’s people, a 100-square-foot flat at the top of 6 flights of stairs with a toilet that only half-flushes seems more comical than unaccommodating.

Getting here was long and tiresome. We used an extended layover to spend an impromptu day in Boston at a brewery. We made airport screwdrivers in Iceland. We mostly hoped the drinking would help us sleep. (Nope.) But we’re here and it’s been wonderful. Lookout for a post on all the places we ate, drank, and then ate and drank some more.

Things I Forgot To Pack. (But not really.)

  • An Extension Cord. I think this speaks for itself, but I’ve used it almost non-stop to easily keep my laptop and phone charging while I’m using them.
  • Exchanging currency in bulk at the airport. Because James and I pooled our funds at an exchange desk in Boston, we avoided additional transaction fees and saved ourselves the trouble of looking for ATMs (and avoiding those fees) throughout the city.
  • Multiple voltage converters. Two lap tops, two cell phones, a GoPro, a portable battery pack, and most importantly – a curling iron. Next time I’ll bring 3 converters, instead of 2.
  • A self-cleaning wash cloth. This one. Buy it.
  • Airplane Mode. By blocking all cell signals, I know I won’t be charged for incoming calls or text messages. And my cell phone battery has never lasted longer.
  • Cold Gear. Paris weather took a turn for chilly this week, but that hasn’t kept us inside. I’ve worn my cold gear – basically Under Armour – every day since I’ve been here. The extra layer has been so helpful that we’re getting some for James this afternoon.
  • PDF maps of the Paris Metro. This is a great one. It’s saved our sanity on more than one occasion. Here are other apps I use when traveling.

That’s all for now. The city calls.

À Bientôt,


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